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    UnhappyLame Right Front Leg - Help

    My 6 year old female lab mix has been lame for about 10 months. She is not overweight and is a house dog who used to take 45 min daily walks. There is no known trauma. She has been to her regular vet and an ortho. No one has been able to diagnose her. Her x-rays are normal for her breed and age, and joint fluid was drawn, and is also normal. The ortho has ruled out OCD, biceps tear, and severe arthritis. He has now referred her to a neurologist for possible nerve root tumor (just ortho's next guess as no basis to support any diagnosis thus far). Her "worst" arthritis (which ortho feels is not the problem) is in both wrists, but no left leg (including shoulder, elbow or wrist) issues. Any suggestions are appreciated. I live in SW FL.

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    Sorry to hear about your girls problem. Sounds like a bit of a mystery. I hope you find an answer. Just curious, have you tried a glucosamine/chondroitin suppliment? My 8 year old boy started to limp late last summer and after vet checked and found nothing but a possiblity of arthritis i tried the suppliment and within a week i saw improvement.

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    BucksMom - Thanks for the thought. I should have mentioned that. She has always been on treats and food with g/c in it. She has also been on Adroitin-M since early December. The vet said that was effective about 50% of the time, and takes about 4-6 weeks to work. Unfortunately, it has not helped her.

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    Treats and food usually don't have enough g/c in them to make a difference. My boy gets 2000 mg of MSM a day. He is 9. He has no lameness problems, but is slower to get up as he ages. I found that g/c didn't really do squat for him. MSM works as an anti-inflammatory.

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