my dog has a growth... how do i deal w/next 3 days before results come back?+
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Thread: my dog has a growth... how do i deal w/next 3 days before results come back?+

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    Defaultmy dog has a growth... how do i deal w/next 3 days before results come back?+

    I noticed yesterday that my lab-mix Mavie (7yo) had a cut or something under her front leg in her "arm pit" area. When I cleaned & gauzed it up, I realized it was actually a small growth or wart like bump. Dark, full of blood. My heart sank.

    I took her to 24 hour animal hospital, they ruled out a tick bite and since she was her usual energetic happy sent me to my vet to get cytology / aspirated. I have just gotten home from my vet and am crushed. My vets first words upon looking at it were "I don't like the way it looks. Its dark and outside the skin". I tried to press her for more info, but she just said that it would probably need to be cut off/removed... although they took the biopsy and are now waiting 2-3 days for results.

    This is a dog that has been perfectly healthy for the past 5 years. Only time we go to vet is for annual vacs. I can't believe this, my worst nightmare seems to be coming true. I am so anxious and can't even function without some information, so I've been googling stuff and I'm terrified its melanoma.

    I don't know what to do for the next 3 days, I feel like I'm climbing the walls and its only been an hour.

    Does anyone have any advice? I don't know how to deal with this. At this point, I'm left to prayer and optimism but its hard to muster the strength to be optimistic... I just want answers

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    It's so hard to wait for results in this age of instant information. First, there's no point in worrying. How about taking that negative energy and turning it into positive things you can do with your dog? They are such sensitive creatures that you're probably make your dog upset for what could very well be nothing.

    My Charlie had a "wart" on his elbow that we discovered several months ago, and it started to bleed, etc. We took him in and the answer was "well it's in a bad place - he'll keep making it bleed, we should remove it, check it, etc". We did blood work to prep for the minor surgery and he had some low values that caused us to wait. Meantime I started putting vitamin E on the "wart" and it's almost gone.

    Labs seem to grow things... warts, lipomas, skin tags. Focus on the likelihood that it's benign, and that you'll know soon, and take advantage of the fact that it's a weekend and you can do something special with your girl to take your mind off things, and show her how much you love her.

    Fingers crossed for you, as well.

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    My lab had a bad smelling tooth. I took her to the vet and he saw black around the tooth. He straight away went to the "possible cancer" speech. So the next day they put her under and inspected it, it was a very small foreign object stuck in her tooth. It was not cancer. So..long story short...I was where you are at. I'm sure everything will be fine. I will not say not to worry because who wouldn't worry but I will say try to get out and do something to take your mind off of it.
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    I went through the exactly same thing with Saba just last fall. He had a little wart/bump under his armpit for a while and we were watching it to see if it grows. Overall he's a very healthy dog too. Finally the vet reccomended that we do a biopsy. I was "climbing the walls" too ... the results came back that it was an mast cell tumour. My vet didn't like the fact that it seemed to feed on a lot of blood... More fear... he had a surgery to remove it and it was sent for further testing. While he was in surgery and then few more days of waiting for the final results were awful. Thankfully, it turned out to be a grade 1 MCT - bening. He took a bit to recover as the incision was about 5 inches long and it was right under his armpit, but after a few weeks, he was ready to run off leash and is doing just fine.
    I completely understand how you feel, it's very scary. Don't research it until you find out what it is... I found so much scary information on the net I was giving myself panic attacks...
    Fingers crossed that it turns out bening as well!

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    First of all, you did the right thing by calling the vet. Now you wait. Enjoy your dog and do something with it. Worrying won't do anyone any good, least of all you. It is what it is. Making yourself sick isn't going to help you dog IF you have to make a decision for it.

    Sounds easy for me to say, doesn't it? I've been through exactly what you are going through both with my dogs and with myself, so I do understand. Really.


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    I know how you feel!!! Marley 10 had 2 growths that came out of nowhere. They were large and started to bleed after a few days. The vet did not like this and after a week of antibiotics & no improvements they needed to be surgically removed. They were dead tissue globs the size of a lemon & golf ball. We also worried and thought the worst as we waited for the results. Turned out to be no cancer and a mystery as to what it was. Maybe a spider bite. So there are good endings to scary times.

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    I guess by now you may know. I get mixed up with time frames in different countires.

    I can understand your worry, but try not to imagine the worst. Many ofus have spend hours and days stalking the house waiting for results and no how hard it is. Hard on you, your family and your dog.
    Good thoughts coming.

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    No advice, I have never been through this, but sending healing thoughts and prayer for your pup...and you too

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