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    DefaultTrimming nails

    I paid $11 at PetSmart to have my lab's nails ground down. She didn't like it one bit! I bought a PediPaw at Walmart for $9. It takes 3 people to do her nails: 1 to hold her, 1 to grind the nails, and 1 to feed her treats.

    Any suggestions?

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    Not sure how good the pedi paw is. I've read it's not powerful enough for labs it might take awhile to do them. I would first let her sniff the tool with it turned off. Let her sniff and give treat. I would do that for a few days. Then I would turn it on and give treat. Pet her with it..give treat. Do that for a few days. Then I would do one nail a day. Do it in small incriments of time. Till she gets use to it and is not afraid of it. My lab prefers the drimmel tool over clipping her nails.
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    Great suggestions from Katie - I've found that some dogs just never like it (my Jake is one of those )

    Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten. - Cree prophecy

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    Time, practice and patience.

    Hudler will allow me to use the scissors, but no dremel. And I have to hunt him down to do this.
    Maddy will allow either and she'll come and lay on the floor for me and roll over.
    Grace really only likes the scissors, and will hide, unless I grab her first before she knows.
    Jack wants attention all the time, so he'll let me do either to him, but only in the sitting position.
    Jed allows anything as well.

    Just keep at it.

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