Jack has mange :(
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Thread: Jack has mange :(

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    DefaultJack has mange :(

    Jack has had a little bald spot right between his eyes for a few weeks... it started to look bigger so I took him in. After several minutes of torture they determined he has mites... localized mange...

    $127 AND I get to give Jack a bath 1 per week, and I'm supposed to keep him lathered up with the stuff for 5-10 minutes before rinsing him... this should be fun.

    He also got a topical cream Pyoben Gel.

    Does anyone have experience with this stuff?

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    ouchies poor baby.

    Hope Jack treatment goes well
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    No experience but I hope he gets well quickly!

    Is it a Lime-Sulfur shampoo? That stuff - wheeew, stinky. If not then at least you're not having to use that

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    Is it demodectic mange? If it is localized it usually goes away on its own but can take a couple of months. It's usually not too serious if it is localized demodex.

    Hope all goes well!

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