chicken soup - gassy puppy?
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Thread: chicken soup - gassy puppy?

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    Defaultchicken soup - gassy puppy?

    maggie has been eating chicken soup and for the most part she's good, but it seems soon after she eats she gets gassy?? any ideas. and suggestions for other types of food?

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    Lots of people here like ProPlan and Diamond Naturals (or Kirkland at Costco). They're all reasonably priced too. I like Innova LB Puppy and feed my girl Orijen LB Puppy.

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    I had the same problem (although this was with the adult line and not the LB puppy), and it never seemed to get better so I switched. Other than the gas, he did well on it. His coat was good, stools firm, but I assumed if he had gas he probably had some stomach discomfort so I switched, what to I do not recall.

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