limp tail/ cold tail?????
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Thread: limp tail/ cold tail?????

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    Unhappylimp tail/ cold tail?????

    I'm looking for some advice if anyone has any information on "cold tail" I noticed today that my lab, Haley, has stopped wagging her tail and it's hanging pretty much dead looking. After looking online I've found a few articles mentioning "cold tail" which is described exactly like the condition she has. However all the articles mention being in water swimming or in a cold bath neither of which she's done in the past month. Has anyone heard of this condition happening not related to water?????

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    It also can occur after heavy exercise. Usually a few days and it's over. Jefferson did have it so bad once, that it took almost two weeks to recuperate.
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    It can also occur from excessive wagging. My chocolate has had it twice - once from wagging and once from an outdoor bath in chilly weather when he had a close encounter of the skunky kind.

    It does resolve on it's own in a few days with any vet intervention.
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    My dog suffers from this from excessive tail wagging, it normally sorts itself out after a coupl of days, so there is no panic and i dont go to the vets now when it occurs. As she doesnt seem to be in any discomfort from it.

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    Hope your dog recovers soon!

    Dexter was back to normal after about 4 days.

    - Dave

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    I have never heard of this but maybe it could be broken?? I hope she is better soon! Keep us posted!

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