Eats woodchips and poop; prefers them to treats?
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Thread: Eats woodchips and poop; prefers them to treats?

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    DefaultEats woodchips and poop; prefers them to treats?

    We adopted a currently 9 month old black lab 2 months ago. He's a crazy, energy filled, chewing, misbehaving monster. We are working hard on training and getting somewhere for sure. But our biggest concern is his poop and wood eating. He will often puke up the wood in the middle of the night, and we are aware of how dangerous it can be. At the dog park he will stop playing with dogs and find wood and go off and eat it.
    When left in the yard he always find the poop we missed and eats it. We are getting ok at controlling that with prompt removal. But he now likes to grab woodchips and sticks and eat them. Not just chew them but actually eat them till they are gone. When we ask him to come he is deaf. When he sees us coming he runs away. Even if we show him a treat or his food bowl he wants to keep eating it.
    We upped how much we feed him. His food is Blue buffalo so that is not lacking. Vet says he's healthy.
    So why is he doing this?
    We are working hard on the leave it/ drop it, but not getting too far with the wood.
    We are at our end! help!

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    Not sure, Gracie liked to eat sticks alot as a pup, I had to constantly watch her. She still likes to chew on wood sometimes...but it is getting better.

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    I'd keep him out of the dogpark if he is just eating wood there. I removed all the treated wood chips from my yard as I had the same problem with my black lab. He will still find sticks and chew them up - and swallows quite a bit - but we have really scoured the yard to get as much of them picked up as possible.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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