Hello everyone. I know my dog needs to be seen and tested because he had a bm with blood in it this evening. But my question is, can it wait until the morning or should I bring him to the Animal Hospital tonight? I collected the sample to give to the vet.
A brief history of situation:
My dog, Bear, is 3 years old. I have had him on Premium Edge Lamb and Rice for about 2 months now, switched from Eukanuba LB Adult to try and stop some severe itching. His stool definitely changed to a much softer, looser stool since the switch. In the past month or so, he has intermittent diarrhea and does a lot of walking and crouching while he poops. It takes a few minutes sometimes and then the end will turn out the loosest. So I noticed it to become much more like diarrhea yesterday and finally decided to try the boiled chicken and rice diet for a couple of days. I started it last night and he had an almost normal bm this afternoon, but tonight, around 7:30pm, he had very loose bm and kept crouching and going and then ran really fast back and fourth and then went one more time and it was very runny and had definite bloody mucous-like spots. Very orange.
He isn't lethargic or acting ANY different whatsoever. He has been eating and drinking like normal and exercise like normal.
So do u all think it can wait until his regular vet opens in the am? Or should I take him to the 24 hr animal hospital tonight?
ANY help with this is greatly appreciated.
(Bear's Mom)