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    Our 8 month-old chocolate lab (Dapper Dan) has developed red scabby rashes around the creases of his legs and has also developed a few scabby areas around his snout and the top of his head, which will flak off when he scratches his head.

    i want to try a few things before i go to the vet...i'm thinking of changing his food to the Diamond Naturals, i started adding a fish oil capsule to his food and applying some vitamin E to the rashy places. any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, our vet recommended that when we give Dapper Dan a bath that we use regular dish washing detergent. Has anyone ever heard of this and is it really safe for a Lab's coat?


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    DefaultRe: skin and shampoo questions

    Hey there. Just wanted to direct you over the the new JL forum...this does not get any traffic anymore.

    My last lab had oozing sores that turned out to be STaph infections. I found that betadine shampoo worked well but it also required antibitics.

    As far as dish washing detergent goes I don't think I would use it on a dog that was already having allergies. I will say, however, 20+ years ago when I was an assistant at a dog groomer they used ERA laundry detergent to wash all the dogs. To this day I can not use ERA because it reminds me of cleanly washed dogs(not that that is bad but it is not the way I want my clothes to smell). None of the customers knew she was using ERA and they all commented on how clean and good the dogs smelled.


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