Anyone ever have their Lab so scared she was running almost uncontrollably? A very unsettling thing happened today to our Lab. She thought someone was at the door so she went in the living room. All of a sudden I hear something fall over and she is running like I have never seen her before and runs into the bedroom door in the hall then makes her way to the dining room. I finally get a hold of her to try to settle her down and get her to lay down before she gets really hurt. She has a nice abrasion under her left eye and I was rubbing and petting her to get her to relax after a couple of minuets she appears to have settled down so I let her up and she tries it again so I get her into the crate to try to make sure she doesn't get hurt any more and get my son to help me get her to the vet thinking she was going to be a real handful. After a few min's in the crate I get her out to put a collar on and she seems fine. Dr doesn't think it was a seizure but that she just freaked out really badly about something and was probably seeing stars for a while. All checks out as far as all her nerve reactions.

Talk about a blood pressure raising day for me