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Thread: need assistance with new adopted lab

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    Defaultneed assistance with new adopted lab

    I adopted a 3 year old labrador last february. THis is my first time to really have a dog and care for one. Eversince I got her (chesa), I observed that she would scratch (but not as much). Thus, I went to the vet and had Frontline to avoid any pest problems bothering her. She was found with ear mites also & was given some drops. I was informed by the previous owner (or the representative) that they gave her food country value or beef pro. But due to the scartching, I tried USA Holistic...still scratching. Recently, a friend gave me a sack of VITALITY lamb and beef from australia...the itching is still there. I have been using the Vitality for two weeks now. Also, I tried giving her (not 1 clove) just 2 pcs from 1 clove of garlic and added braggs apple cider vinegar to her water. Recently, she has been a bit aggressive to some members of my family like growls while having a toy in her mouth and nibbles at me sometimes. She also started eating her poop and digging. She keeps eating everything. Chesa is a trained dog and she is very loving dog. The behaviours only started last week. She always waits on me and just sits beside me when I work. I really love Chesa even if it has just been a month or so, but no matter how much I read or research, i don't know how to help her. I live in a very warm country and there are not much vets here to help. I have also given her vitamin E and pet tabs.
    Please share with me how most of you coped and helped make your labs comfortable and happy.
    Thanks in advance. sorry for long e-mail

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    DefaultRe: need assistance with new adopted lab

    I dont think I can help but also live in a country where finding a (good!) vet is very difficult... Greece. I adopted a 2 year old Lab that has terrible allergies which we still battle with. She is a happy dog, we have learned to live with her skin problems a bit, she unfortunately has leishmania a big problem in Greece but is doing fine with treatment.

    Your behaviopr problems sounds like an issue that must be dealt with i dont feel qualified to advise but hopefully some of the more experienced members of the forum will read your post.
    Where do you live? The more people I meet the more I like my dog


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