how long in crate?
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Thread: how long in crate?

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    Defaulthow long in crate?

    My young dog seems to be having some separation problems since our older dog died last weekend.
    If we go out and leave her loose she howls.
    IF we put her in her crate she seems to be ok.
    How long can a lab stay in a large crate for??
    Just wondered since we really haven't crated her for long periods before.

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    DefaultRe: how long in crate?

    Our boys have been crated from 6:45 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, with no ill effects. Since they don't have access to water, they don't have to pee. I make sure they both go out to potty before I crate them, and that's the first place they go when I get home. I give them each a frozen stuffed Kong when I put them in their crates, and they are content with those.
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    DefaultRe: how long in crate?

    Eleven hours a day, in a crate, on their own, with no water... really?
    How big is a "crate" exactly?
    Am I alone in thinking this sounds like a _very_ long time, and with no access to water as well.
    I'm pretty sure this would be illegal if it were a cow or a pig...
    Maybe I have misunderstood, I sure hope so.


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