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    My lab Honey suffers from allergies. Thru trial and error it has been decided that it is seasonal allergies...July to November. The vet has put Honey on Atopica. Has anyone else used this to ease their poor labs discomfort?
    Thanks Kelly

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    Default a bit of a small world scenario, i also have a lab named honey who suffers from allergies and we're from pa....her's is more of a food situatiion, and manifests in ear infections and paw licking...assume your dog has some form of dermatitis? if so, then the treatment sounds correct, although have not used the product myself...

    novartis, who makes the pill, is a reputable company and the treatment
    looks to have been field tested

    i am sure some of the more knowledgeable owners may offer more first hand info...good luck to you...


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