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    I have a black Labrador who is about four and a half years old, and about six months ago I noticed that he had a light brown spot on the white part of one of his eyes, right above the pupil. The spot is about half the size of a standard pencil eraser. I did ask the vet about it during my dog's yearly check-up but the vet only said that the spot did not look serious and just to watch it for changes.

    I recently found this website and since so many of you seem very knowledgeable about Labs and dogs in general, I figured that I would ask here as well. I am just curious if any other owners have experienced eye spots of this sort before and have a better idea of what it could be. I hope that it is just a freckle or harmful discoloration. I would really appreciate any additional information.

    Thank you in advance for your help! Simba thanks you too!

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    Hello and welcome,

    I would just do what your vet said. Sadie has brown eyes and some of the color extends into the white part.

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    That sounds like my friend's golden retriever. Their vet told them the same thing - it looks harmless, and just watch it. It's been there (and not changed) for years, so hopefully it's just extra pigmentation.


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