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    DefaultCappy_TX's Lab Wash Area

    I asked Jim (Cappy_Tx) about his Lab Wash Area, and boy is it great. It has everything that you need to wash off a lab, It is elevated, has hot and cold running water, and is very easy to use. I don't know if he has posted the pics or how he made it before but maybe if I post this he will post it. I am going to make one as soon as I get the shower base.
    Thanks for all the info Jim.

    Kelly and Amber

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    DefaultRe: Cappy_TX's Lab Wash Area

    Yeah it does look like it's got everything!

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    DefaultRe: Cappy_TX's Lab Wash Area

    Thanks for the nice words, Kelly. At my age one needs to conserve energy for important tasks. That said, please forgive my copy/paste job of the PM message to you this morning as follows ...

    Hi Kelly, happy to share ...

    A shower valve was installed in the wall just inside the entry door when we designed and built our home in 2004

    The line then comes from the shower valve out through the exterior wall to a frost proof hose bibb next to the wash station.

    I elevated a 32" fiberglass shower base up on landscape blocks that makes it much easier on my back to wash and dry the dawgs after training and hunting. Mine was a 32' corner shower base that I got free from a plumbing supply business because it was damaged. I epoxied the crack and it was like new again.

    Then the base was connected to a 4" corrugated drain line that I had tied in to the rain water gutter downspout lines below gade. It carries waste water down to the pond 40 yards below the house.

    Believe me, the dawgs really appreciate the approx 90 degree settings on a day like today after a hunt with temps in the mid 20s and a N wind of 15-20. In the warmer months, the cool water wash down following training is also a delight for them.

    By the way, in order to know precisely what temps I was getting based upon the handle position on the shower valve, I inserted a thermometer into the water stream from the hose bibb for a moment or two. I then marked where 70, 80 and 90 degrees were with a blacking marking pen on the valve's face plate so that I could dial the specific temperature I wanted without guesstimating.

    Who says you can't pamper and LOVE gun dawgs?


    ps ... most of you won't need to be concerned with this but I made and placed a 1/2" mesh screen filter all around the discharge end of the drain line where it goes into the pond. That's designed to keep mice, rats, snakes and other undesireable critters from having a direct access line right up to the house!
    Remi and Rusty aren't my whole life. They're trying to fill the hole in my heart left by Cappy's passing.

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    DefaultRe: Cappy_TX's Lab Wash Area

    Thanks for the additional info Cappy. I have been showing Hubby pics and we have been looking into something similar for our house.

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