"Best" Time to Add Another Dog??
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Thread: "Best" Time to Add Another Dog??

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    Default"Best" Time to Add Another Dog??

    Hi everyone,

    So I am thinking of getting another dog.. not right now or any time soon, but probably around the time I graduate from MSU, which will be probably around summer/fall 2010. By that time, Abbey will be around 3 1/2 yrs old at that time. Abbey is still pretty jealous when I give other animals jealous, but she has gotten better since getting Sylvester (our kitten) and I'm sure she'll get better and calm down a little bit in the next couple of years.

    I know when I still lived at home and my parents rescued Sasha, it just wasn't good timing because they were both about the same age and were both trying to be dominant. I moved out with Abbey and now they see each other for a couple of days every now and then and it's completely fine. Just lots of playing!

    My question is, is there really a "best" time to get another dog? I was thinking of getting a male this time around. Does the sex affect anything? Abbey is spayed and whichever sex I get will most definitely get spayed or neutered.

    Any input??


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    DefaultRe: "Best" Time to Add Another Dog??

    I think the best time is subjective. Personally, I wouldn't have a gap of any less than a year separating dogs, with 18 months - 2 years being preferable.

    As for the sex, it really depends on the temperament of your dog. If I remember correctly you had some trouble with Abbey and another dog you had? I would probably opt for a dog rather than a bitch. However, dog/dog and bitch/bitch combinations work providing that both in question have good temperaments.

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    DefaultRe: "Best" Time to Add Another Dog??

    I added Rookie when Rider was 4. I think that was perfect for us. I am thinking about adding a third, Rookie will be 2 in February and Rider will be 6 in May. I think if you have a stable life, and time to devote to two after you graduate, then go for it. It's a good time for Abbey.
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    Gene Guest

    DefaultRe: "Best" Time to Add Another Dog??

    I don't think there is a "best" age. Merlot was 18 months when I adopted Zoey, who was also 18 months old. They are best friends

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    DefaultRe: "Best" Time to Add Another Dog??

    We got Tundra when Aries was 8 years old, I think that it made Aries younger, he's now 12 years old, gonna be 13 in April. I think if you're ready I would do it, I know Aries was older when we got Tundra, but we did what was right for our family at the time when our cat passed on. Good luck with what you decide

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    DefaultRe: "Best" Time to Add Another Dog??

    I think every circumstance is different. Zoe was in dire need of a playmate. We got Dutch when she was 16 months old. Had thought I would just "foster" (cough cough) ... that lasted about a week and we adopted him. Best thing I ever did. They love one another to pieces!

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    DefaultRe: "Best" Time to Add Another Dog??

    I love how things worked out with us, we added Baloo when Peanut was about 2 and a half.

    However, having a small breed dog who is 2.5 years older than my medium/large breed dog means they will both be seniors at the same time, and chances are good I'll lose them fairly close to each other, and I don't even know how I'm going to deal with that... so I don't think about it. :no:

    A little on the morbid side, but I think I will be more mindful of that next time.
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