Double ACL Rupture
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    DefaultDouble ACL Rupture

    I put this here instead of the health section since LC gets more traffic. Our neighbor's lab, Bailey, who is also Manny's sister, ruptured both of her ACL's yesterday while they were playing in our back yard. The E-Vet told them this morning that Bailey would have to have the legs repaired separately. I didn't know if anyone on here has had this happen, and if so, were both repairs done at the same time or not. We are also trying to come up with some type of sling to get her outside to go potty since she can't walk at all. Any suggestions would be helpful. We are all sick about this and a bit in shock right now. Also, I know some of you have used some type of loan program for vet bills but I can't remember what it is. Any info on that would be helpful. I posted on the orthodog website too. I am just trying to gather as much info for them that I can, since they are both pretty upset right now.

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    DefaultRe: Double ACL Rupture

    Typically they do one leg at a time. Its just to hard to do both at the same time. A large bath towel can be used a sling. Care Credit is the place that does loans, but not all vets accept it.

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    DefaultRe: Double ACL Rupture

    Gus had both done separately. I don't believe I have ever heard of anyone attempting both at once. I surely would not have been able to get him in and out of the house, etc. with both back legs out of commission at the same time. Since he was sometimes carrying the right leg, we had that one done first.

    I can't claim credit for this idea, I believe I read it on Labby's website, but I made a sling out of an old tote bag after struggling with a towel for a day or two. You just split two sides to open it up and then you can slide it under the dog and use the handles. I used a zig zag stitch on the sides that I split so they would not tear.

    They will also need to be prepared to confine Bailey after the surgery. If she is not crate trained they will need to be prepared to confine her to a small space during recovery. Gus was almost six when he had his surgery and he and Zeke have had run of the house for years, so I didn't think a crate would be workable. Our solution was the master bathroom so that I could hear him at night. I used a babygate and put his ortho bed, bowls and some favorite toys in there for him. Since they usually sleep on my bed during the day while I am at work, Zeke was near him for company. At night he was allowed in the family room. Our vet instructed us that he was to be confined at all times unless he was under direct supervision. Stuffed kongs are a lifesaver.

    Baily will need to be helped in and out of the house and no stairs are allowed. I bought a ramp on eBay and used it at my door. It also worked for getting him in and out of the Jeep when he went for his vet visits. I don't think I would have been able to manage him on my own, especially at first, without the ramp.

    I made an ortho bed for him by doubling an "eggcrate" mattress pad and making a cover for it. I am not good at all on a sewing machine, so if I could do this, anyone can.

    The most important thing they will need to do for Baily is to follow the instructions of their ortho vet. Gus thought he was ready for more activity much earlier than our post operative protocol allowed. However, by following instructions, as best we could, he had successful results.

    I will keep Bailey and her family in my thoughts and hope for her successful recovery. Please let us know how she does.


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