I just love labs :0)
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    The Dog Who Got a Law Degree This year, Amy Jones was among the students who graduated from Baylor Law School. It was the culmination of a long journey for Jones, who was left a quadriplegic by a 2002 skiing accident. In 2004, the wheelchair-bound young woman was paired with her service dog and constant companion - a black Labrador retriever named Skeeter.

    With Skeeter at her side, Jones completed her undergraduate degree in construction management in 2005, and the faithful Lab accompanied her to Baylor Law School shortly thereafter. Both Jones and Skeeter made a lasting impression on the law school community.

    As Dean Brad Toben puts it, "Amy has busted through brick walls, and Skeeter has been faithfully by her side every step of the way. Skeeter has become a part of our community and part of our family here at the law school."

    So much so, in fact, that at graduation Skeeter received his own degree - a "Juris Dogtor." The diploma reads in part "WHEREAS Skeeter Jones…attended faithfully with Ms. Amy Jones all prescribed law school classes… [and] showed uncommon bravery in yawning loudly in abject dog-boredom… Baylor University School of Law confers upon Skeeter the Labrador this HONORARY JURIS 'DOG' TOR DEGREE."

    Ms. Jones plans to pursue a career in construction law or business litigation; as for Skeeter, well let's just say that like a lot of recent law school graduates his bark is worse than his bite.

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    Congratulations to Amy and Skeeter. What courage and diligence she has.

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    DefaultRe: I just love labs :0)

    ha! this is awesome. Awesome Pup Makes me proud to be owned by a Labradork
    <3 01/01/2006-03/18/2017 <3


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