Urgent - Labrador Life Line Needs Your Help
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Thread: Urgent - Labrador Life Line Needs Your Help

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    DefaultUrgent - Labrador Life Line Needs Your Help

    Dear Friends and Supporters of Labrador Life Line,

    As you know, Labrador Life Line was created to provide financial assistance for purebred Labrador Retrievers in need. This assistance often makes the difference between staying with their forever family, or being turned over to rescue so their family member can get the medical attention that they need and even life and death.

    Since November 1st, LLL has received over 21 applications for assistance. Many of these applications are requesting our maximum funding amount. Each application is thoroughly reviewed to ensure our funds are spent wisely - where they can do the most good.

    In spite of the success of our latest fundraiser, we are finding that we are unable to assist to the level we would like because of our financial situation. Whether a broken leg from being hit by a car, or heartworm treatment for a high-kill shelter rescue, they all need us and we simply can’t assist them to the level that they need without additional donations.

    LLL needs your help more than ever before! If we are unable to raise the required funds, LLL will have to suspend applications. This is something none of us wants to do with so many beautiful Labs in need but we may have no other choice.

    We are asking for your help so this doesn't have to happen. As loyal friends and supporters of LLL, we know you care about these dogs. We know you can, and will, help in this time of need.

    We know the economy isn't all that great right now and we believe that the increase in applications is due in some measure to this downturn, but we know that Lab lovers go the extra mile for our favorite breed. Donations to Labrador Life Line are tax deductible and. giving before year end provides you with a tax deduction.

    You can give the perfect gift to that ‘hard to buy something for’ dog lover by making a donation in their name to LLL!

    How about ‘giving thanks’ for the love of your own furkids by donating in their names?

    It is the season of giving and with Christmas right around the corner, YOU have the power to make someone’s Christmas wish come true! Won't you use that power and help us bring the gift of life, love and happiness and the true spirit of the season?

    Need more incentive? We’ve included just a few of our success stories below from this year to show how far your donations go

    We ask that you make this possible by donating online at:

    or by sending a check to:

    Labrador Life Line, Inc
    8 Ridgewood Rd
    Plaistow, NH 03865

    LLL needs your on-going support as well… Make it easy by becoming a Life Saver or buy your products through our affiliates at no additional cost to you? Sign up at iGive, designating LLL as your charity of choice so we receive a percentage of your purchase?

    There are many ways you can help so please do! The Labs really need your donations NOW and know we can count on you – our loyal friends and supporters – to help those Labradors who deserve no less and who need us so desperately. NOW

    Permission to cross post freely given and encouraged.

    Thanking you in advance!

    The Board of Labrador Life Line, Inc. – Dedicated to saving Lives one Lab at a time!

    Some Success Stories:

    Abbey, a beautiful one year old Chocolate girl, got her leg caught in a bear trap and needed one of her back legs amputated. After amputation, an infection caused Abbey to spiral downward and she needed extensive care causing vet bills to skyrocket. With our assistance, she has made a full recovery and is running around with her Labby family as if she had all four! Without YOUR donations, chances are Abbey would not be back to her normal, happy-go-lucky self!

    Jack is a five year old Black Lab that was fighting his second bout of blastomycosis. His first round was last fall and was so bad, he lost an eye. The family found themselves short on funds to help Jack fight the infection a second time around so they turned to us for assistance. LLL was able to help because of YOU, and now Jack is finishing up treatment and is expected to win the fight once again!

    Bailey escaped her yard trying to follow her people down to the beach and was hit by a Hummer SUV. She required emergency surgery to save her life but the family’s military pay was limited so they, too, turned to us for help. Again, because of YOUR generosity, LLL was able to step up and assist Bailey who is now fully recovered and helping build sand castles with the kids!

    YOUR support made a World of difference this year for many dogs like Abbey, Jack and Bailey and their families! You'll find more of YOUR success stories here:
    http://www.labradorlife line.org/success1/success1.html

    Your continued support WILL make a difference for all the Labs in need we have yet to meet!

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    DefaultRe: Urgent - Labrador Life Line Needs Your Help


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    DefaultRe: Urgent - Labrador Life Line Needs Your Help


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    DefaultRe: Urgent - Labrador Life Line Needs Your Help

    Karen, Mom to the Lab Monkeys:
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