Need help leash training mommy...
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Thread: Need help leash training mommy...

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    DefaultNeed help leash training mommy...

    Hi labrapals! Ceaser and Gus here. Boy are we having a good time together since mom and dad brought Gus home! We do have a little problems wiff Mommy though..

    See usually mom and dad take us for walksies together, but last night dad didn't come home at the right time, so Mommy tooks us both for our walksies. We some advice on training her. She doesn't seem to understand that ALL our previous trainings should instantly be forgotten when we are being walked together by just her...

    She also can't seem to grasp that we are supposed to stop and sniffy at everything even if it means pulling her in half. :whatever: We are beginning to think maybe mommy isn't very bright?? Ahh well we luvs her anyways..

    How do you guys train your mommys to do stuff?

    Your pals,
    Ceaser and Augustus

    Gus adopted 11/2008
    Ceaser adopted 4/2008
    Heidi adopted 4/2006

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    DefaultRe: Need help leash training mommy...

    Ah yes, traction by dog pull. One dog stops and just has to sniff one spot for a prolonged length of time. Meanwhile dog two just has to run ahead to get to that next tree. Result? The human scarecrow syndrome.

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    DefaultRe: Need help leash training mommy...

    Hey guys, Bauer here . . . I have trained my mommy to let me 'niff and vestigate stuff when we are on our private road, and the side street. When we gets out on the main road, I try to be really, really good and heel (but sometimes I want to 'niff and vestigate stuff on that road too . . . roadkill is my favorite ). My mommy was pretty easy to train, but then again I don't have a brudder or sister to pull her in the opposite direction. When we walk it is just me and mommy (and sometimes daddy and my human brudders . . . but they don't like to 'niff and vestigate either).
    Debi and Bauer
    Some people are like slinkies. Not really good for much, but bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.


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