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Thread: Constipation

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    Saturday Parker ate a whole box of Total cereal. Next day he left me two big piles of liquid poo. I haven't seen anything since. Now I don't watch him all the time, but I have seen him try to go a couple of times in the yard and I don't see anything come out, but then again I'm sort of far away. I'm going to get the binocs out tonight and take a good look. If he is constipated, how would I know and what to do. He is acting fine, eats fine, still his crazy old self, ate/gnawed on a knuckle bone yesterday. Can anyone give me some help. thanks.

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    When one of my dogs gets sick and has the massive runs, it usually takes a few days to fill the "chute" again. I don't think it's constipation at all.

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    Try adding some plain, canned pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie mix) to his food. Just a tablespoon or two.
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