Is he going to stop growing?
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Thread: Is he going to stop growing?

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    DefaultIs he going to stop growing?

    Odie is about 10 days away from his first birthday. For the past month and a half he was stabilized at 60lbs. He's small for a lab, and I kind of like it that way.

    Today I took him over to my parents house, and both of my parents said that he has gotten taller in the past two weeks. I don't notice any difference. So I weighed him. He is now 62lbs. Sure enough he has gained another two pounds, and it's not fat. He's very athletic looking.

    To those of you who have adult labs, when did they stop growing? I really like him at the size he is. I assumed he was full grown at 11 1/2 months. How long do they keep growing/filling out?

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    DefaultRe: Is he going to stop growing?

    He will fill out until he is 2yrs old


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