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    DefaultHow Do They Know?

    Today I took 4 month old Tanner for an interview at Camp Bow Wow. It is across the street from my husband's business and we are looking for an occasional daycare and overnight place for when we are away. His interview consisted of me leaving him there for at least 3 hours. I was really nervous about this for fear he'd come home with one ear missing or something. Plus he is a little rough himself. He did great and came home with a picture of himself on a 1st day camper certificate. It was really cute.

    He had a blast. He played with other dogs and was an absolute angel when I brought him home. He mostly played with a couple of the labs though, and I'm told, he really bonded with a chocolate lab and they paired up for the whole time. I read that Caesar Milan's dogs do this too. They kind of pack and hang together. Has anyone else seen this? I thought it was interesting.

    The saying "a tired lab is a happy lab" is definitely true. He's conked out in his crate for 2 hours now.

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    DefaultRe: How Do They Know?

    awww so sweet like his 1st day at school and he has made his 1st friend!

    d'awwwwwwwwwwwwwww :-*

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    DefaultRe: How Do They Know?

    There's just no telling who the little guys will pal up with. To each their own, hm?

    Seamus and Flynn


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