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    It's really amazing....Sam shreds everything he can, destroys Phoenix's room if he gets half a second, is still working on his potty training, counter surfs when we're home, pulls up parts of the kitchen floor, eats ANYTHING...ect well those of you who know me know he's done much more but anyway....

    Phoenix is home today again and is cranky sick, and keeps losing at his video game, resulting in huge fits and crying because Mario won't get past the last world on Super Mario Bros.....

    Sam gets up from tearing up a stuffie (when did you get that?! How did you get that?!? Where did that even come from?!?) and runs whining and crying at Phoenix, licking him and pawing at him every time.

    Such amazing dogs.

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    DefaultRe: It's really amazing

    awww such a good boy :-*

    Hope your little guy gets to feeling better soon!

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    DefaultRe: It's really amazing

    Rocket always howls when my son cries, and Rocket isn't satisfied until he's gotten the attention of every adult in the house. It's mayhem! Aaron cries - Rocket howls - Aaron cries louder - Rocket howls louder - Aaron cries even louder - Rocket howls even is absolute chaos. Then Rocket gets on top of Aaron and licks him in the face until he stops crying.


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