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    DefaultAbbey's New Toys

    I ordered her one of those rip-apart watermelons and a moose that honks.. The package came today and she kept following me around until I opened it. I think she knew it was for her.

    Here are some pictures of her:

    Whipping around the mooose

    "Go ahead, grab it. I DARE ya!"

    Abbey, her moose and the treat she didn't want.

    Her watermelon!

    Catching it in the air


    This is her position that she gets in when she's asking you to grab it and then she quickly snatches it up.. haha.

    She's a goof, but man she is so spoiled. She played with her new toys for a while, plus playing frisbee and doing some training outside.. She is passed out at my feet. Such a good girl!

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    DefaultRe: Abbey's New Toys

    Spoiled??? Her??? Nah, just well loved. She sure is beautiful, such wonderful eyes.


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