A walk with neighbor's puppy!
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Thread: A walk with neighbor's puppy!

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    DefaultA walk with neighbor's puppy!

    I'm on vacation, so that's what's up with all the neighbor puppy stories...

    Tonight Kevin and I were going out for the walk, and neighbor was out with Owen, so we all went for a walk together!

    This was the first time Simon had met Owen. Kevin took him over to meet him. He did OK...a lot of excited barking at first, but no growly so that was good. I came over with Angus after their introduction, but Angus was much more interested in sucking up for treats than he was playing with a puppy. If I'm packing treats, Angus is bullet-proof. He heeled (voluntarily...what a kiss up) almost the entire walk.

    Owen was soooo cute. What a bad little boy. He was jumping at their faces a lot of the time. Simon seemed to be thinking, "What the...?" and kept shooting him looks like he was out of his mind. Angus didn't seem to notice him at all, and almost stepped on him a couple of times.

    So, we'll see if Cesar Millan is right about walking together as a "pack" forming a bond. Didn't seem like it could hurt, right?

    I'd love for them to all be able to play together one day. Not anytime soon...he is such a little baby, and Angus and Simon seem a little like they're not sure what to do about him. It makes me wonder what would happen if we adopted a puppy at their age. NOT that I'm considering this! LOL But for those of you who have older dogs, when you brought a puppy home did they act like they were weirded out by it at first?

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    When I got Remington, Magnum was 5 and Ruger was 4. Magnum loved Remington right away, but she's a little earth mother and coddles all small things. Ruger on the other hand was very upset with the new puppy and if Remington so much as touched Ruger, Ruger acted like he'd been shocked and jumped away and stayed away. I didn't think they'd ever become friends... and it took about a year before Ruger would let Remington near him.

    Today, Magnum bosses Remington like no tomorrow, she definitely is our Alpha Bitch. And when the mood moves him, Ruger loves to play with Remington (usually late at night before bedtime, the two of them will tussle over a toy on the floor and Ruger is the submissive one on his back).

    I dare you to get #3, LOL!!!
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    I can read between the lines that you are getting puppy fever. Be careful.
    But for those of you who have older dogs, when you brought a puppy home did they act like they were weirded out by it at first?
    When I brought Bruno home, M (7)&J(5) were thrilled with him, especially Judy. She would not let Duke near him until he was bigger.
    When I brought Judy home, Mitzi (2) was thrilled, mothered her.
    When I brought Mitzi home, Kasa(10) just tolerated her, but I believe that it was because I told Kasa not to put up with puppy crap before I brought M, and she had just lost her companion dog, Teddy a few weeks earlier.
    When I brought Teddy(Golden/cocker pup) home, Kasa (2)was thrilled.
    When I brought Kasa home, Heidi (10) was thrilled and went into a second puppyhood herself.
    So it looks like most puppies were welcome.
    Angus and Simon know that Owen is not theirs and they may react differently to their "own" puppy.

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    When I brought home Tucker (DD's cavalier) Jefferson (5) ignored him for the most part. Whenever Tucker would try to play, Jefferson would turn his head away and/or get up and move away. He growled at Tucker once for climbing on him. It took a few months, but soon Tucker was following Jefferson around, trying to do whatever Jefferson did. Teddy (2) loved him immediately. He would let Tucker climb all over him and chew on him. They became bitey face pals.

    This was just the opposite of what I thought would happen. Jefferson was my mellow fellow and tolerant of everything. So I thought that he would accept the puppy immediately. Teddy is the rough and tumble, leash reactive, food aggressive one. I was afraid that Teddy would hurt the little guy, and spent a lot of time on guard for that.
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    When our family dog Caleb was five years old my sister brought home a puppy named Zoe. Caleb was THILLED. He adored her. Pixie, my cockapoo (inherited from my Nana), was ticked. I'm sure her thoughts were "not another one?!?!" ...
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    Some of my fondest dog memories involve the interaction between our golden retriever, Max, and our now 6 y/o lab, Abby. Max was 7 when Abby came home and she latched onto him (literally ) from day one and he loved it. She chewed, she bit, she climbed, she sat, she layed and she slept on him. He adored her and spoiled her rotten.

    When Max died (suddenly), he was on a blanket on my shop floor and I was there with Abby to say goodbye. She spent the next few days laying on the floor looking at that spot and sighing. I think we grieved as much for her feelings as we did for our loss of a magnificent dog.

    Max II (previous owners named him Max) is here to fill that void and he is doing a wonderful job. They have been joined at the hip since 20 minutes after they met.

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    My first lab Casey was the most gentle, loving dog you would ever meet, but she never liked other dogs...especially puppies. She would never show aggression toward them, but would get a strange look on her face and walk far away from them. If they followed she would walk away to another area. I don't know if she was jealous or insulted but it did not fly with her, so she remained my one and only until she passed away in Jan 2009.

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    Connie, too much talk of puppies with no pictures is totally infraction-worthy, doncha know.

    Baloo is bomb proof around puppies. We've had several friends that use him as a "socialization" dog with brand new pups, and of course I'm always happy to oblige.

    Him with Felicia's Ollie when he was just a wee youngster:
    Baloo - 5 year old black lab
    Peanut - 7 year old minpin
    Monster - 3-ish year old frenchie/jack, rescue
    We're Superdogs!

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    My kids heart puppies. Even Gin crawls around on the ground with her tail going a mile a minute.

    My neighbor across the street just got an Irish Setter puppy, and they love her!
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    Wesley is rather aloof around pups. He did come to befriend a Dal in the neighborhood, but I think that's all about hero worship. The Dal (Ranger) thinks Wes is just DA BOMB; he worships the ground Wesley pees on, and in some weird way, Wesley loves this adoration.

    But the nippy/yippy/jumpy/crazies of young pups gets on his nerves after a while. He shoots a look that says: Can someone get these kids the hell out of my face?
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