For those in the Westchester, NY area, there is an event this coming Sunday, September 13th, at 2:00 pm at the Barnes & Noble on Central Park Avenue in Yonkers.

Author John Thomas Clark will be reading from and speaking about
The Joy of Lex: Life With a Service Dog - his light-hearted romp recounting life with Lex, a black Lab.

Beginning with Lexie’s being teamed with the author, and their schooling together at Canine Companions for Independence, the book then offers glimpses at their life together at home and shows how they interact with the outside world. Its vignettes, all accompanied by color photographs, describe life with the best service dog in the world: they reveal how Lex works – tugging off the author’s socks, opening a door, turning on a light, picking up the author’s dropped mouthstick, and more – tasks Lex was trained to perform. They even reveal how Lex performs tasks he was not trained to do, as when he saved the author from certain injury by righting the author’s wheelchair during a serious mishap. These poems also show how Lex plays and they demonstrate his marvelous personality. Sonnets in various forms, they are all straightforward; there is nothing deep in them except for the profound love the author has for this wonderful dog who brings so much joy to his life.