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    DefaultPaw pads, other miscellaneous stuff

    I was fiddling around with Seamus' and Flynn's feet today. Their pads are so soft and pliable! Paddy's were always rough and callous, but he spent more years on hard, rough surfaces than these two guys ever have. I can't believe the difference!

    After the "elbow callous" thread, I checked those too. Not much there, and what is there is only slightly calloused but supple.

    So I got to wondering if maybe my boys just spend too much time lying about! Checked waistlines (both have definite waistlines), checked ears (dirt, but nothing smells at all), checked teeth (both have pearlies!), checked nails... neither ever need trimming (thank God) because trimming Paddy was tantamount to taking your life into your own hands. He scared me on that!

    Let's see... eyes brilliant, tails thick and softly (*** see footnote) wagging, breath as clean and sweet as morning dew, appetites good, blah blah blah.


    *** Oiginally typed "woftly" for "softly". I think I like "woftly" better!

    Seamus and Flynn

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    That's funny, because I was just looking at Champ's back pads this morning. I thought he had stepped in something and took a tissue to wipe the pad - but there was nothing there. Both his pads are sort of feathery and brown at the very back edge. Buddy's are not like that. Odd...
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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    I marvel at how perfectly their bodies are made: the strong tail used as a rudder for swimming, their pads that can withstand gravel or ice, or their undercoat that keeps them warm like a down blanket. tra-la, indeed

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    Belle's [ads have gotten MUCH softer since she has retired from competition. The others are only moderately rough

    Karen and the gang
    BBI Kodi's Journey To Anotch (Journey)
    BBI Kodi's Blackpowder Striker (Flint)

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