Is liquid band-aid safe for dogs?
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Thread: Is liquid band-aid safe for dogs?

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    DefaultIs liquid band-aid safe for dogs?

    My vet is out of the office today for whatever reason, so I thought somebody here might know.

    Penny and Abby were playing today (huuuge milestone, but that's beside the point! lol), and Abby got Penny's ear by accident. Well it won't stop bleeding!! I put some stiptic powder on it, but it starts back up again...I look like I just tried to murder somebody I thought about putting the liquid band-aid on to seal it up, but I wasn't sure if it was ok. Anyone know? It's not a big cut, but it bleeds, and bleeds, and bleeds...
    ~Abby, Molly, and Penny (the honorary lab)

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    Let it bleed a until it begins to clot a bit. The bleeding is actually more cleansing at first than anything you put on it. Just keep dabbing with a tissue so the blood doesn't get onto fabrics. Ears bleed a lot... I've seen Meg and Dar with plenty of gashes... lots and lots of teensy little veins in those ears!

    When the bleeding subsides the bandaid will help protect the wound. It shouldn't be a problem.

    Seamus and Flynn

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