Alternative treatments for cancer
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    DefaultAlternative treatments for cancer

    What is also sad news is that she cannot afford the chemo for her, she is a stay at home mom with two small children and her husband is away for six months in the police academy. Her vet told her she had 3 weeks--4 months left. She is changing her diet and giving her vitamins, lots of love and prayers. Does anyone have any information or knowledge of something she can do for her poor girl? We are praying for her to hang on so if you would kindly send some prayers, her name is Divot and she is 5 years old. Thanks so much....
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    DefaultRe: Alternative treatments for cancer

    Switch her to a raw diet

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    DefaultRe: Alternative treatments for cancer

    what kind of cancer? how old is the dog?
    what kind of diagnostics were done?

    I chose not to do an invasive course of chemo on a cat diagnosed with bone cancer last fall - instead I did a home course of pills and immune system boosters - the vet wasn't sure Kaylie would see Thanksgiving let alone Christmas - and while she is fading (quickly this week) she still enjoys life, sitting on my lap, and eating..

    she needs to have a very serious talk with the vet about supportive options that will improve quality of life if not quantity

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    DefaultRe: Alternative treatments for cancer

    I can only give ideas from my own experience with cancer in my dogs.

    My Talley the Pharaoh Hound's chemo protocol was a mild dose of prednisone/cortisone and the antibiotic erithromyasin(sp) plus another very expencive oral medication that was specific for Talley's type of cancer (lymphoma). As it was explained to me, the cortisone slows tumor/cancer growth and the antibiotic was added because cortisone also weakens the immune system and we did not want having to deal with uterine tract infections or other infections.

    Prednesone/cortisone and erithromyasin, in generic form, were not expensive. She could maybe talk to her vet to see if something like that would be appropriate and might add to Divot's comfort/quality of remaining life....

    Now Auggie, on the other hand, was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma - a common,generalized cancer of the liver. From searching on the net I found a lot of 'hits' linking liver cancer and doxycycline. Generic doxycycline in very inexpensive. Auggie has done very well on the doxycycline and last week an ultrasound showed her liver to be of normal size with 'some nodules'; a needle aspirate of one of the nodules showed it to be "not malignant".

    Again, I think you friend should have another conversation with Divot's vet to learn if there are simpler and less expensive ways to approach Divot's specific type of cancer rather than an all out aggressive, formal chemotherapy protocol.

    I am so sorry your friend is having to face this most difficult situation.
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