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    He tries so hard to keep up with the big dogs. (3 months on tuesday) We were outside in the yard playing fetch and of course he has to chase after Lucky as she gets the ball. She brought back the ball and did one of her super agility Lucky jumps in the air (She can clear my head and I'm 5'6) and came down...on poor Sam-wise. Well he yelped a bit and is half limping on one of his paws and decided he wanted to chase the ball so I rolled it a few feet for him and made Lucky 'leave it' and he got about halfway to the ball and yelped again, limping on the opposite back foot (first one was his front right paw) well he decided it was time for the games to end and we a headed end...as I type he's chewing on one of MY SCHOOL BOOKS so I guess he's not hurt too bad!!

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    They are made out of rubber at that age I am sure he will be fine.


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