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    Not sure if this is the right place to put this so apologise in advance if its not.

    I have a black lab, called albert. He is seven and a half months old. He has been to puppy training classes and was walking to heel coming etc very well to both my husband and I. My husband two months ago had a serious operation and has been at home all this time recovering. I have been at work some of the time and the boys have been on there own.

    Albert has started refusing to walk on the lead with me. If hubby stops to pick up his mess or goes off to do something albert refuses to move and just sits there. He also refsued to budge when I tried to take him for a walk on my own. He also rarely comes to me in the park when I call him if hubby is there. I am getting quite upset about this as we got the dog particularly for me!


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    If I were you I'd take him back to an obedience class -- just you, not your husband -- and reinforce that you, too, are the boss. Be consistant and don't give into Albert. If he refuses to do something, you have to make sure you finish up with you winning the battle.

    My old dog Cybil was supposed to be my dog too, but she was my husband's dog through and through. She didn't want to listen to me EVER so I took her to obedience by myself and she learned that "hey, I gotta listen to mom too." She was my shadow when hubby wasn't home, and even paid attention to me when he was home, but if we both sat an equal distance from her and called her 99.999% of the time she would go to him.

    Also 7.5 months is a difficult age anyway. Little terrors at that age. Teenagers! Scary! *lol*
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    Bring cookies. When he stops, encourage him along and reward for compliance. Baloo refused to walk on a leash when he was little for a short period of time, but smelly cookies and my high-pitched, chipmunk-like cheering/encouraging fixed it after awhile. My neighbours probably thought I was nuts, but hey, it worked.
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    I was going to say use a high value treat to get him moving and praise him profusely even though he only goes one pace and build up from there ! Something has scared/confused him and he needs reassurance IMHO

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    Some dogs bond very deeply with just one person, and if they know they are ill they will want to stay with that person ALL the time.

    My Great Dane was like that all her life. She lived for my sister in law and absolutely loved her. She "liked me" and considered me her friend but that was it. Whenever my sister in law was at home, if I insisted on taking her and my old Brownie (choco lab) for a walk she walked extremely slow looking like "i don´t wanna go" and on the way back she pulled all the way.

    Sometimes it´s hard to understand, but hey, we humans do the same, you bond with some people more than with others. If a person you love is ill you want to be by his side. Your dog seems to be like that.

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