No it's not Buddy - thank God, but a good friend, Mickey. He is only 6 but has terrible lung problems. His mom has treated him with Chinese herbs for about a year and he was doing great. UNTIL HE CAME HERE TO MEET BUDDY
They didn't romp or run. I won't let Buddy do anything that could hurt those million dollar rear legs of his. They mostly just sat around and sniffed one another. But I have that stupid incline in my yard. The one that seemed to cause Bud's legs to give out.
I have a nice flat area around the whole side yard and part of the back but every dog that comes here likes to go down that incline to pee. Mickey went down a couple of times and even tho it doesn't look like much, it is difficult to get back up unless you are an energetic human not much more than 10 yrs. old! I've gone down and had trouble getting back. I think Mickey might have over-exerted himself cause he went home and has been suffering terribly since. He is really having trouble breathing and his mom is very, very worried. I feel so responsible for inviting them here
I tried contacting the vet school up in Gainesville (about 7 hours away). They suggested a local vet that I think Mickey has already seen.
His mom asked me to post here and see if anyone has had to deal with this lung problem or know of anyone who did and what was done to help. I thought a breathing apparatus similar to a kid using a nebulizer might help but she informed me that there is some kind of hole in his lung and trying to get air in would just go through the hole and out so it wouldn't help much.
Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.