My Henery, the flowerpot retriever!! :D (lotsa pics)
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Thread: My Henery, the flowerpot retriever!! :D (lotsa pics)

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    DefaultMy Henery, the flowerpot retriever!! :D (lotsa pics)

    It was a beautiful June day. Warm, but breezy, and not a hint of humidity. A perfect day to go to the Lab Owner's Specialty (the biggest one in Canada from what I hear) and entertain the crowd.

    Yes, you heard that right folks, entertain the crowd. You see, Henery was entered in Rally Advanced. I'm sure we all remember what happened last week at our Rally Advanced trial, when much to Henery's delight, he discovered food bowls... on the ground... in the ring... with yummy treats inside!!! One was emptied immediately, and then there was a spectacular butt-tuck from the other side of the ring to empty the other one. After all, if you're going to do something, you shouldn't do it half-assed.

    It was considerably warmer when we got to Cambridge. Henery does not do well in the heat (I know, I was NUTS to have entered him in an outdoor summer trial!) but I thought I had timed it so that we would only have to wait 10-15 minutes before our class was called.

    Not so... the trials started late and by the time we got there, they were just starting the walk-thrus for Novice.


    Fortunately, Julie (Breezeline) had a fabulous tent set up and had saved Henery and I room underneath it, next to her cutie boy Beckham. It was nice to see everyone... Kate, Julie (Breezeline), Dana (FallRiver), Susan (YellowBoysMom), our friend MaryLou (who has Ruby's littermate) and Henery's breeder, Leslie! Kate was a trooper and hobbled around on her good leg while photographing the day's events.

    Finally, they called the Rally Advanced class for our walk-thru. I was PRAYING that the dreaded offset Figure 8 with food bowls was not on course, even though we had proofed it all week. What are the chances? I mean really... but there it was, station 9.

    I figured that we were goners for sure. Watching the other dogs run through, there was much sniffing of the ground and some peeing. Crap.

    And Henery... dear sweet Henery... had That Look in his eye. That one that said, we could have gone to the beach today, Momma, instead, we're... here? I could tell that he had mischievious ideas a-brewing.

    Then it was our turn. I had primed Henery with hotdogs and roasted chicken all morning. My plan was to ask him if he wanted a hotdog the entire time walking briskly-half running around the F8. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all...?

    We walked into the ring. We edged up to the start sign, took a deep breath and went. And you know what? All that worrying about the F8 was all for nothing...

    ... because we never even made it that far.

    They had the signs propped up on these plastic flowerpots. At the first station, Henery deftly removed the sign from the flowerpot. HENERY! Ugh... then two stations later, it happened.

    Henery spied the flowerpot holding the sign for the Spiral-Dog Outside, knocked the sign out of it, grabbed the flowerpot and RAN. Butt-tucked gleefully around the ring. Then, in a beautiful show of all that Open training we've been doing, sailed over the ring fencing with that flowerpot firmly clamped between his teeth. I'm sure he winked at Leslie (his breeder) as he landed... she was sitting right there.

    There was much gleeful, joyful running about outside of the ring before he decided to sail back over the ring fencing, back into the ring for some more butt-tucking.


    We finally got a hold of him and I hauled him out of the ring. I suppose I could have finished the course, but I didn't want him thinking that he could pull these shenanigans (funny and entertaining as they are) and get away with it.

    Needless to say, LOL, a most spectacular NQ. 8)

    Even the judge was laughing and said, the whole point of rally is to have fun, and if a lab isn't butt-tucking, he isn't having fun. PS Same judge as last week but thank GAWD, she's seen Henery work before and knows that he knows his stuff. LOL.

    Yep. Henery had a grand old time today. LOL.

    And as they say... anything worth doing, is worth doing well.

    Well done, Henery, well done.

    THANK YOU KATE FOR THE PICS!!! LOL! (captions by Kate!)

    Cute Henry chillin' out:

    Worried watchin Momma in the ring:
    [I was doing the walk-thru and Kate was kind enough to hold the monkey]

    I like this one, you can see the love in his eyes as you go to touch him:

    "Auntie Kate, why are you taking so many pictures of me??"

    And here we go!

    Starts off good:

    Grabs the first pot. Sorry about the butt shot, but the "stay tuned for more monkey hijinx!" look on his face was WAY too priceless!

    Getting focus back:

    Grabbin' pot #2:

    You comin' to get him:

    Henry says, "Catch me if you can Momma!!"

    And he's OFF!! (STILL FUNNY!!! Hee hee!!! )

    [This pic was *right* before he jumped the fence!]

    The escaped Henery is captured!

    Henry says, "There yah go Labrapals! THAT is how you have fun in the ring!! Trotting around and doing stupid commands is for SUCKERS!!"

    I love the look on your face in this one!! "Yup, that's my monkey!!"

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    DefaultRe: My Henery, the flowerpot retriever!! :D (lotsa pics)

    Henery oh Henery!!! What a boy!!!
    "In moments of joy all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag." W. H. Auden

    Linda, Kona and Bo

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    DefaultRe: My Henery, the flowerpot retriever!! :D (lotsa pics)


    Ohhh, Felicia, I tell you what: I really admire you. You are a FAR better sport than I am when Angus busts out his monkey moves. I'd hate to have a picture of what my face looks like when that happens!

    What a great play-by-play, and then...BONUS! Pictures to go with it!

    Awesome job Henry. Angus says YOU ROCK!

    Connie and "The Boys":
    Angus, Yellow Lab, CGC, RE, CD
    Simon, d.b.a. Flat Coated Retriever, CGC, RE, CD

    Gone ahead, but forever in my heart:
    Crash, Pit Bull x Rottweiler x Golden Retriever

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    DefaultRe: My Henery, the flowerpot retriever!! :D (lotsa pics)

    Oh that's funny!! Gooooo Henery!!!
    He's got his own ideas ... he looks super cute.

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    DefaultRe: My Henery, the flowerpot retriever!! :D (lotsa pics)

    Thanks for the laughs Henery...I really needed it

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    DefaultRe: My Henery, the flowerpot retriever!! :D (lotsa pics)

    Priceless!!! This is something that Dee would do. She's always had a thing for flower pots. LOL

    I guess Henery didn't read the sign that says "left about turn" just before he jumped the fence.

    You're such a cutie Henery!

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    DefaultRe: My Henery, the flowerpot retriever!! :D (lotsa pics)

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Henery you are a trip.

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    DefaultRe: My Henery, the flowerpot retriever!! :D (lotsa pics)

    I can only wish there was a video!

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    DefaultRe: My Henery, the flowerpot retriever!! :D (lotsa pics)

    Oh Henery, you are hilarious. "It's your what you wanna do". High paw my hero. Love, Parker

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    DefaultRe: My Henery, the flowerpot retriever!! :D (lotsa pics)

    Oh Henery you are tooooo much!~
    Sandie, Tank 5/25/1998 - 07/08/2011, Orson & Sully

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