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    DefaultMy Vet Called

    I posted awhile back about Rocky's accident (he jumped up for the ball and landed on his butt, perpendicular to the ground).

    I had gone to see my vet, who said he looks ok, just sore (he was limping) and give him anti-inflamatories. I trusted her but wanted a second opinion from someone more used to dealing with injuries so called around and went to a emergency hospital (they take apts) to see a surgeon. He also gave Rocky the all clear (by this time there was no limp and he had been finished the anti-inflamatories three days previous).

    Today my vet called. The specialist/surgeon had called her to confirm he saw me and give her his opinion (that Rocky, by all visible/feeling tests is fine). She said he was the one to go to in town for this (I um...hadn't told her I was going to be doing this!).

    we were very lucky (Rocky and I). The fall he took could have been DEVASTATING and caused so much damage. I'm still paranoid about the way he walks though.

    Anyhoo, whatever I may say about the cost of my vet, they certainly do not lack customer service and care for the dogs. They always call me back to check up, but usually it's the receptions or tech that do the call back. If you can have follow up questions you can ask for the vet to call back, and they do! and depending on the injury they call to check up themselves.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    DefaultRe: My Vet Called

    I'm glad to hear Rocky is ok Tanya. Sounds like you have a great vet. We are lucky to have a vet with similar qualities and truly appreciate it.

    It is scary when you think about how easy it is for these guys to seriously hurt themselves.

    My cousins lab collapsed during a backyard retrieve a couple of years ago. He suffered spinal cord damage and was lame in his rear for several months. He never was the same after that. Ever since that happened, I try to keep Kody from jumping for balls or making sharp turns during retrieves if I can.

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    DefaultRe: My Vet Called

    Glad to hear he's ok. I think I have the same kind of situation with our vet! Boy, when I hear that total (Everytime too) I flinch but they really are attentive and that counts! All the best!


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    DefaultRe: My Vet Called

    Good News!
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