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Thread: Moronic mailman rant

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    DefaultRe: Moronic mailman rant

    Quote Originally Posted by Jinx
    this is unacceptable! drama that isn't in O&E? i guess i need to branch out more. btw, i NEVER open my door without knowing who it is. if it were the mailman or some serviceman my dogs would be contained in another room prior to my opening the front door.
    The only time I let my dogs greet the visitor at the door is when they are Jehovah's Witnesses. Speeds things up.

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    DefaultRe: Moronic mailman rant

    our mailman would just knock on the door and prolly leave it Lucky always acts like she's going to eat him, but if I was to ever let him in she'd turn tail and hide in her soft crate in the living room!

    as for insurance saying that a beware of dog sign says you know your dog is dangerous is silly, which is why I have 'security dog' signs around my house. I look at it as a way of saying, hey I have dogs....99% of dogs don't like strangers so if you're scared of dogs and have any common sense open the screen door, knock, then close it till I come to the door.

    Love the bowl part! Happy does that, when me and SU play fight he always comes running with a shoe in his mouth, we call it the 'peace shoe'
    -Brandie<br /><br /><br />Nothing cures a bad mood like a Labrador or three in your lap.

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    Tundra Aries Guest

    DefaultRe: Moronic mailman rant

    I think it's okay to knock on the second door, BUT only if the second door is shut...It's hard when you live in a city area, it's definitely different than a small town JMO, I know that with my dogs I have to keep all my doors shut only because of Tundra, he'll eat someone alive if they even think of coming close to my house, the people here tease him like crazy!

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    DefaultRe: Moronic mailman rant

    All my delivery guys will knock & simply leave packages, what is the big deal? Did the package require a signature? Though it is not like the delivery guys need to knock here as Lexi starts carrying on when their truck stops outside the house. If it is something important or valuable, they'll leave it in the car port or on the side porch.

    My Lexi absolutely adores, I mean adores my mail carrier. About the only thing she does to him is lick him to death.

    As for the "Beware of Dogs" signs, it seems to vary from place to place and insurance company to insurance company, but having signs like that can be a problem. My next door neighbors have those signs at their beach house. Their insurance carrier said they had to take them down. I could see where people would be afraid of Conan & Lakota (Siberian Huskies), but they are two of the biggest babies on this planet.

    My pretty girl, Lexi!

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    DefaultRe: Moronic mailman rant

    I just got a knock on the INSIDE door from fed ex and guess what I answered it to him handing me my phone and I told him THANKS I REALLY wanted that phone..AND HE CLOSED THE DOOR BEHIND HIM...GOOD FED ex guy...He was watching my socket hard to ready to run though that open gate..=0) My socket just watch him so kindly
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