Lab-proof wood floors??
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Thread: Lab-proof wood floors??

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    DefaultLab-proof wood floors??

    Hi everyone..

    So we have been doing some work on the house and recently put in some new wood floors.. Needless to say having a crazy puppy running around did some harm to the floors.. so we ended up putting rugs all over the floors.. kind of defeats the purpose!

    Anyways, we installed Shaw wood flooring ourselves and are looking into other types of wood that are more durable to scratches when we re-do the floors in the other rooms.. Any suggestions??

    I also heard of a type of clear sealant that you can put on top of wood floors to make them less easily scratched.. has anyone heard of these products??


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    DefaultRe: Lab-proof wood floors??

    Hey Justine, Im Justine! LOL

    I dont know about types of wood but I have hardwood floors. Their the orginal floors from the house so I ripped our rugs up and polyurethaned the raw wood planks underneath. They dont scratch up at all....but their real wood and if you move furniture and it scratched them up, it only scratches the coating, not the sand and coat over it.

    Be wary of the planks that arent solid....the top layer is wood and underneath isnt, its the pressed wood crap.

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    DefaultRe: Lab-proof wood floors??

    The people that had my condo before us put in laminate wood floors about six months before i bought it. Gabby and Mav have completed and totally wrecked them. They get enormous amounts of exercise - so they do not run in the house, it is just normal toy play, walking around, bitey face.

    They look horrible. I hate them. Do not do laminate.

    My parents original wood floors still look good though.

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    DefaultRe: Lab-proof wood floors??

    I have laminate and they have held up great - even with butt-tucking and chasing through the house. Prior to the laminate I had bamboo - they on the other hand were scratched and looked awful within a week of going down. I lucked out and the joint sealer failed and the flooring company tore them up and replaced them. I chose to go with the laminate instead. I know that they make different "grades" of flooring both laminate and hardwood. I suspect there is a sealer that you could use on your wood floors to protect them - I've often thought that what ever they put on bowling alley floors should hold up with labs!!

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    DefaultRe: Lab-proof wood floors??

    we have laminate and there is limited scratches. ginger and phoebe run a lot in the house. i really think the higher quality is going to hold up but not the cheaper ones. we have shaw laminate and it cost us about $80 per was almost $3 a square foot.


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