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    DefaultNature's Miracle Clean up

    I have hardwood floors. When Parker pees (which is not often anymore) I clean it really good and then spray with Nature's Miracle. Now am I supposed to sort of wipe that in to the spot on the floor or does it eventually dry there. Not sure.

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    DefaultRe: Nature's Miracle Clean up

    I think you're supposed to just let it dry. That's what we did, although we have carpet, so I don't know if that makes it different...?
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    DefaultRe: Nature's Miracle Clean up

    I too have hardwood floors. Luckily Odie has never tried to pee on the hardwood. He always used the kitchen floor or the throw away rugs I have in front of the doors. I used the Natures Miracle like I would any spray on cleaner. Just spray on and wipe off. It seems to work. I've only had Odie for a little over 3 weeks now, and he hasn't had an accident in the house in 2 weeks. Although I probably just jinxed that by telling everybody.

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    DefaultRe: Nature's Miracle Clean up

    It depends on the condition of the seal coat, (typically a polyurethane), of your hardwoods. If the liquid, in this case urine, only puddles then wiping up the liquid and then spraying NM on it will do the job it is intended to do- way better than on carpet. If the seal coat is not intact, or the liquid gets down in the joints then you have another problem... basically wood is a big sponge w/out a seal coat. You then need to get the NM down in the joint where the accident occurred. The problem there is IMO, putting enough of NM down to neutralize the urine could do some damage to the wood, so be careful. It is repairable, more so than carpet, by cutting out the planks and replacing- but this is a last resort tactic.



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    DefaultRe: Nature's Miracle Clean up

    I think it's Dani who's said that Hydrogen Peroxide (standard 3% solution, available in any pharmacy section) works as well as NM for deodorizing dog urine to dogs.
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