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Thread: I...Am....SO...ANGRY!!

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    Dog park vent. major vent.

    Everything was fine, it was my two, a lab (young) and a shepherd mix (??). Then Atticus shows up. This dog is young and HUGE. I mean he towers over Rocky. Appears Rotti/Dobi mix but bigger than both (but lean and long legs).

    First he goes after the shepherd mix. I am fairly sure it was ment to be play but the poor shepherd was screetching in fear. This went on for abit, finally the poor dog goes to her owner and Atticus moves on. Moves on to Tundie. Lots of sniffing. Finally Tundie barks bark barks at him so I call Tundie (he comes) and pull out a toy to distract him. This works for abit. Then Atticus goes in on the fetch and grabs the other end of the toy. Abit of innocent wrestling then growls barks and chasing/wrestling. I've had enough, get the boys and leave. As I am leashing up Tundie the owner of Atticus is all smiles, ccalls Rocky to him and pets. Atticus is still trying to get to Tundie (who I am holding onto). I say to him "your dog is agressive". I realize I was wrong, the dog is young and just WAYYY overzealous. Because of his size he imposes on all other dogs who get defensive. I'm not 100% sure it's not all just crazy play. " no he is not" the man says. I mention that he scared the crap out of the other dog (which is true) and wouldn't leave Tundie alone even when I tried to play way from them. Finally he says "you should be thankful he doesn't attack, he would kill that little guy". So I said THANK YOU FOR YOUR DOG NOT KILLING MINE. and left.

    i am steaming.

    I am home for abit and will go back, hopefully they are gone. It takes them forever to leave because their dog has zero recall.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    JustineNYC Guest

    DefaultRe: I...Am....SO...ANGRY!!

    Sounds like one of those morons who owns huge dogs to walk around like hes cool. 'My dog can beat up your dog idiots' Im sorry but I see these people all the time...many of them own pit-bulls (no offense to people who own pit bulls but many owners of them are irresponsible and get them because of the stigma and fear that surrounds the breed) They arent dog people.

    I had someone who walks his pit bull over here say something like that to me.....his dog trolls the street with a deflated tire in his mouth and NO LEASH. I asked him to not allow his dog to appraoch mine if he insists on not leashing him....control the dog. He told me I was lucky that his pit wasnt aggressive cause he'd kill Dale.

    My response:

    No your lucky your dog isnt aggressive cause then Id put a bullet in your back ;D

    I dont condone violence but if your going to tell me something like that....ill turn it around on you. You handled it better then I did. I wouldve mouth off the moment I tried to interact with my dog alone and his interferred.

    I dont take Dale to the dog park anymore but when I did I had been known for doing the 'Go back to your mommy' to overzealous dogs and letting their owners hear it LOL

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    DefaultRe: I...Am....SO...ANGRY!!


    Sorry, Tanya... it's unfortuate that idjits like that ruin the joy of dogparks for everyone else and their dogs.

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    Tundra Aries Guest

    DefaultRe: I...Am....SO...ANGRY!!

    I'm so sorry that, that happened today I don't go to the parks here because of many reasons, that's just one of them too.


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