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    DefaultFirst of two behavior questions

    Okay, this is not a serious issue in my mind but I thought I wolud share and see what kind of ideas might be out there. It is going to be long.

    (1) Hershey Kisses NEVER jmps on me. NEVER! Until today.
    (2) We keep to grocery bags on the floor in the kitchen where we collect the weeks recycling. HK does like to pull something out when she thinks she can get away with it. I generally find the evidence in the Family Room. When I do, I start yelling why I pick it up. NO! BAD GIRL! I DON'T WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU! repeated until I am done and the shredding is gone. Then I tell her to 'Park It' on her bed and she does, ears down, head flat to the floor.

    I am upstairs, have been down several times, nothing unusual. I hear what sounds like HK in the recycling. I start downstairs without making any intentional noise. She hears me coming, I hear her scampering from the family room to the bottom of the stairs. Ears perked up, bouncing in a sit position. I get to the bottom of the steps, and she jumps up on me. She continues to try despite my saying no and turning my back on her. She is trying to keep me out of the family room. Okay! Done with first time. Later I come downstairs again, nothing unusual. Then I hear the noise again and the whole thing repeats.

    I am convinced she knows it is wrong, does it anyway, and has now tried this jumping to stop me from finding the evidence. I actually think it is kind of funny and that she is showing some kind of intelligence. What are anybody's thoughts? If it really bothered me, what would you recommend as a method to correct it.

    PS: Not leaving the recycling out within her reach is a given, no need to point out my error. I just did. Again.
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    DefaultRe: First of two behavior questions

    Bogey has a habit where if I leave a tablet out he will counter surf to get it, then shred as much as he can before I take it off of him. I used to make a big fuss, he would run and butt tuck with the tablet. I got tired of the chase, so now all I say is NO one time clean it up and go on with whatever else. He just lays there while I clean it. Kinda like I sucked all the fun out of it for him. Make sense? Dont know if that answered you or not?

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    DefaultRe: First of two behavior questions

    My dogs only ever jump on me for two reasons (that I can make sense of). The first: they are REALLY excited. For Cooper (5 1/2 month Golden), this doesn't take much. He jumps WAY too much, and believe me, we are working on it. Riley will only rarely jump on me (like, MAYBE once every couple weeks), and it's usually completely my fault. I sometimes make the mistake of getting the dogs over-excited for something fun like a ride, walk, the dog park, supper, etc. : The puppy also jumps on me in response to me being upset with him, which is a new behavior in our house. When it was just Riley, he acted (and still does) the way you describe HK acting: ears flat, sitting or laying down, kind of sulking around. Cooper, on the other hand, does his "nervous jump," bounce-bounce-bounce-bounce-bounce again and again and again, and his tail wags REALLY fast. VERY hard to correct this one. HK seems to be doing a combination of Riley's bad dog behavior and Cooper's. I always thought the differences in their responses was more breed-specific, but maybe it's just a personality difference?

    As for getting them to stop, I honestly don't really try with Riley. When he jumps on me, his paws are on my shoulders, face looking right into mine. It's kind of cute actually. (Wait, did I just say that?) Seriously, though, he knows better, and it's very rare that it happens. He's really gentle about it too. As for Cooper, I tried verbal corrections, and they only made it worse...see above. So what we're doing now is I'll have him sit and wait to be pet. He gets praised if he's calm and well-behaved with no "lunges" during this. He's ignored COMPLETELY if he jumps. I guess that's my best advice for getting her to stop jumping. Cooper's an attention hog and can't STAND being ignored. Of course, your situation and HK's reasons for jumping could be entirely different from my dogs'.


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