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    DefaultMake-do Lab raincoat

    Tonight, Puff and I went to Lawrence, KS, to shop and visit friends. It was raining as we left Topeka and REALLY pouring returning -- brief hydroplaning was easy to do and Interstate highway traffic was going 50-60 mph instead of its usual 70-80.

    We got back at 9:45 PM and Puff's preferred nightly potty/pee/poop break is 10 PM, plus or minus 15 minutes.

    Puff doesn't mind the rain but toweling her dry doesn't remove all moisture and I dreaded having a damp Lab as a bedmate.

    Suddenly I remembered : ??? (DUH!!) we had a neoprene vest from Cabela's in the van. It was one I'd bought 5 years ago -- a model discontinued and discounted to 1/2 price probably because it was all white. I'd bought it for use on below zero Fahrenheit winter mornings worried about Puff's thinner double coat of fur and also to provide a bit more flotation when swimming.

    I cracked open the door of our Honda coupe, stuck my golf umbrella out, released its spring-loaded canopy, and retrieved the vest. Puff cooperated in putting first one leg, then the other through the openings and letting me close the zipper down her back.

    Here's a link (I think) for similar vests:

    (If that doesn't work, go to and type neoprene dog vest into their search.)

    Our sidewalks were covered with 1-2" of water so I preferred walking on the crown in the middle of the street. Puff preferred the grass between the sidewalk and street.

    Fortunately, she soon did her duty and we got into the house, removed the vest, and towel dried those fur portions not covered -- mainly her head, a little of her neck, a bit of her rump and all of her tail. (She LOVES being towel dried.)

    As I type this, she's napping beside me, an essentially dry dog. ;D ;D ;D

    For those of you who have Labs "phobic" about going out to do their duty in the rain -- possibly a similar vest would help? And for those of you whose Labs do NOT mind going out in the rain but who prefer the company of a dry dog, such a vest might be useful?
    Puff [YF, AKC field line (from competing HT/FT breeder) 62 lbs, dob: 8-'01]

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    DefaultRe: Make-do Lab raincoat

    (She LOVES being towel dried.)
    While I dread March, when it seems like I'm drying dogs in the basement everytime I turn around, one of the dogs favorite things is "getting your tummy dried". They fight to be first to be rubbed all over with a big towel

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    DefaultRe: Make-do Lab raincoat

    Great idea Bob and glad you didn't have to curl up in bed with a wet Puff. The towel drying is the best isn't it? As soon as Buck sees a towel he dives into my hands head first, then wiggles all the way down to his tail and quickly turns back around for more. I think I'll be doing alot of that drying later today and tomorrow, looks like that storm is headed for us next. And thanks for the reminder, I'll put Buck's vest on too.

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    DefaultRe: Make-do Lab raincoat

    Bob, all that rain you had is at our house today. I could use you around here.
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