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    Cinnamon attacked the sprinkler today and has broke one it is now shooting straight into the air so it is possible she cut her jowl but I don't see any pieces missing. But it has now been about 4 1/2 hours and she is dripping drool. Her whole chin is wet and when she sits up you see drop drop drop coming off from the right side of her mouth. I have checked her mouth and don't see anything. She is acting totally normal, eating, drinking, barking, licking etc. No signs that something is stuck. She is not panting but it is 82F here today. I wonder if she could be hot? Now I have seen her drip a little but usually when she is panting and very hot.

    I don't think an emergency vet visit is necessary but I wonder if I should make her an appointment in the morning with my SIL vet who is open on Sundays.

    Has anyone else ever had this problem? Do you have any suggestions? She is 3 1/2 and I don't remember this before.

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    I think I might take her in if you can tomorrow. Just to be on the safe side. Drooling is one of those things, you know, it can be a symptom of a lot of things.

    It's probably just what you said, something to do with attacking the sprinkler. Maybe they could give her mouth a good exam and put your mind at ease.

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