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    DefaultSubmissive Peeing

    Abigail just turned 7 months old last week, but she when she greets me or my wife at the door when we come home from work, or she meets people or other dogs on our walks she pees all over herself. :

    When do they out grow this or when should I talk to the vet about it being something more?

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    DefaultRe: Submissive Peeing

    My first lab was a submissive peer. She only did it with one neighbor of mine who she adored and thank goodness he just laughed each time. She never did outgrow it.

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    DefaultRe: Submissive Peeing

    I would have her checked for a UTI just to rule it out.

    Other things you can do is keep greetings very very low key, possibly even ignore her until you've gotten in the door and she's settled down a bit. Also try not to bend over her when greeting. Whatever you do, don't scold her for it, that will only make her more nervous and therefore, make the peeing issue worse.

    Good luck!
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    DefaultRe: Submissive Peeing

    Just a thought but if she hasn't been spade yet, perhaps the pee incidents will be reduced or will cease. I know with my basset, and with Cooper (both males), they peed everytime you reached out to pat them, they met someone, etc. After they were neutered, the excited peeing stopped.


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    DefaultRe: Submissive Peeing

    I have found that confidence building helps. Teddy did that for a while after he came to live with me. We actually took a tricks class that seem to help him build some confidence. Also maturing can help in a lot of dogs.
    And I agree with Kate--keep things low key when coming into the house. It helps somewhat.
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    DefaultRe: Submissive Peeing

    Agree with all the advice given.

    Simon was a bit of a submissive peer at first. We think he may have been somewhat abused in his life before us.

    But we also found that he had a UTI, which explained some accidents that happened when no one was greeting him.

    Perhaps the UTI made it more difficult to hold it in stressful situations? Either way, good idea to get a urine sample to a vet and check it out.

    Do you know how to collect a urine sample? Use a clean container with a large target area, such as a clean frisbee or a tupperware lid that has a lip. Place it under her when she potties, then transfer to a small tupperware container to take to the vet.

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    DefaultRe: Submissive Peeing

    Quote Originally Posted by nellies mom
    My first lab was a submissive peer. She only did it with one neighbor of mine who she adored and thank goodness he just laughed each time. She never did outgrow it.
    My friends dog is and submissive peer and I don't think she ever out grew it either.

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    DefaultRe: Submissive Peeing

    One suggestion I've heard is to give the dog something else to do when greeting... a sit or a trick - if the mind is engaged, chances of the submissive peeing are lessened.

    Worth a shot, anyway


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