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    So I called the Animal Humane Society and asked if they had any yellow male pups ready for adoption from the Wisconsin Rescue. The lady on the phone, said two were up up for adoption today, and they wern't even on the website yet. So I raced over there in hopes of picking one up. But both of them had been adopted 10 minutes before I arrived.

    I was informed that both pups has something called "whipping worm" which they were being treated for. Does anybody know anything about this? Is it a good thing that I couldn't get my hands on these dogs?


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    Can you fill out an application and get yourself 'approved' before hand, so you don't have repeated disappointments?

    Whipworm is a treatable parasite, you just have to be diligent about medicating the puppy and keeping their feces picked up (it is contagious from dog to dog. )


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