Fighting over Treats
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Thread: Fighting over Treats

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    DefaultFighting over Treats

    Twice today I've had to break up a major squabble between my dogs. This morning I gave all three of them a Booda Bone. Parker of course chows his down, Linus my aussie shep, eats his, but my old girl, Sally just sort of chews here and there, sort of like a kid with a sucker. Well this does not sit well with Parker and of course he moves in for the steal at which point a major rucus with biting snarling growling ensue. I get them separated and put Sally with her chewie in my daughter's room by herself.

    Later my husband absentmindedly scraped some little treat stick on the floor and again a major scuffle ensued.

    I managed to pull Parker away and get everyone calm olice: What should I do in situations like this? Should I not give treats, should I put someone by themself or what. Also I am thinking maybe my old girl's teeth care not what they used to be and she has a hard time chewing things. Is there a chewy treat made for older dogs that she might be able to handle better?

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    DefaultRe: Fighting over Treats

    a stuffed kong would be greatly appreciated by your old girl

    I'd manage the situation, secluding Parker at the very least. You can tether the dogs, or give them their treats in crates, or behind baby gates/doors in seperate rooms.


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