Could hear banging and loud talking from next door last night from about 1am...1.47 am i here wooooo and dogs barking which set mine off

Was the police...2 cop cars, 1 cop van and 3 unmarked police cars all armed with guns. I thought they were chasing someone cos they went off down alley which goes to bk of my house. Let my dogs out cos i thought if someone hid in my garden i wanna know about it...2 cops at bottom of my garden im in my dressing gown pointing a gun at me!!! I shouted hello? he said sorry madam can we take a look round bk of your house i said fine he asked me what number i was.

Went bk in house shut dogs up from barking went bk upstairs watched out window for a while and went bk to bed thought they aint gonna catch noone out front of my house are they. All of a sudden i hear PAUL PAUL come bk to sidedoor

I shot out of bed next thing i know all coppers all pointing guns with sniffer dogs at my neighbours house (pauls lees mate he drinks/watches footie with him) they went into his house and arresterd him in a big riot van! then went in and arrested someone else couldnt make out who it was.

Wtf am i living next door to! i dunno wot he has done he been in trouble before but cos he gets drunk and beats someone up but this must be more serious for armed police to arrive? Got bk 2 bed at 5am and am shattered.... lol