Well to no one's surprise the beautiful Lab girl did not even make the short list in the Sporting Group. It was amazing that four of the seven breeds in the BIS group had never won BIS before. I heard the judge comment as he was being escorted into the building that one of them would let him know they were the best, and in my opinion the Beagle did just that as he was being shown. As he walked he looked around at the crowd with a very proud expression. All others just kept their heads straight ahead like they were taught to do I am sure.
Now the rush will be on by uninformed people to get a Beagle pup. Always happens. Before any breeder sells one to an individual that person should be made to sit in a room and listen to that dog bark and bay. I can't believe such a huge voice can come out of that small package. As soon as I get out of the car at our dog park I know if a Beagle is there.
I do send my congratulations to all the Beagle fans out there for waiting 100 years for a BIS. I think as far as I can see in the records we Labbers have only been ignored for 85 years so we may have another 15 years to wait for our champion.