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    Just wanted to let everyone know that bringing the new dog into our home has been going good. Paris has adapted very well and attached to me quite quickly. One question, is there anything I can do to help Hershey stand his ground a little? He is fine until she comes running at him or barks at him. Then he slinks away like a little baby.

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    I think the two dogs will work it out. You should not bestow any favorite attention to either. Perhaps you have been overly doting to make the new dog feel at home and Hershey is sensing that and feeling insecure.
    I have read here that females tend to dominate a house but as I've always had males I can't verify this. Maybe someone else with a mixed household can offer an insight.

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    I am glad things are working out. I have two females. Molly let Abby torture her when Abby first came in the family, but now that she is older, Molly will let her know when it is rime to stop biting her ears or legs. ;D
    I think they do work it out on their own, it just takes time. have fun with them.


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