Filet Mignon trimmings = 1 Happy Lab
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Thread: Filet Mignon trimmings = 1 Happy Lab

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    DefaultFilet Mignon trimmings = 1 Happy Lab

    One of our stores has whole tenderloins on sale though you have to trim it yourself. As the sale ends today I went and picked one up that was a little under 10 pounds. I was trimming it removing the fat and silver skin and tied it into 4 roast. Well Cinnamon thought she died and went to doggie heaven. I gave her the side pieces that came off with the fat and silver skin. Though I did put one of the bigger pieces in with the roast I am cooking Thursday for Valentines day dinner.

    She loved it.

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    DefaultRe: Filet Mignon trimmings = 1 Happy Lab

    She is a dog after my heart. That fat is probably as bad for you as anything can get. I trim very little off and eat what I leave when the meat is cooked. Someone laying at my feet often gets a little and loves it.

    If we always ate healthy, there wouldn't be much reason to eat anything.
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    DefaultRe: Filet Mignon trimmings = 1 Happy Lab

    Oh yes, mine love the raw trimmings too! Of course, they love anything they can get but when it is extra special when I am cooking....


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