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    Can someone please give me advise on what are good chewies for Parker (6 months). Can I give him the same thing I give my older dogs (Busy Bones, Dentabones, Cheweez Rolls). I need something that will keep him busy for a while as he loves to chew but would like to give him something nutritious and not harmful. I used to give my older dogs rawhides but have heard that is a big no-no. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    See the butcher for marrow bones. I don't give mine those dental chews, in fact one just came free in their new dog food package and I tossed it away. Those things frighten me of blockages.
    Also make some frozen kong treat...get a kong or something like it and stuff with bananas, peanut butter, cookies and freeze; keeps them busy for a while.

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    try a durable nylabone...ginger and phoebe love them. i bought a small one for phoebe but ginger kept going after it so i threw it away and only get the "souper" size ones now. phoebe also took ginger's nylabone knot outside at 2:30am one morning and didn't come back with it. i cant find it and it was only a month old (it had a lot left to be chewed).

    link for the nylabone durables.


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